Though Hidden, CURTAIN BRACKETS are New to Invest for Complementing Your Room Interior

The curtain brackets which are used to hold up the rod are one of the most disregarded pieces of curtain hardware. The rods are held upon these brackets (mostly three brackets) to support the drapery. There are mostly three brackets used; two at the either ends and one in the middle to hold the drape upright. However, the number of brackets varies depending on the window size and weight of the fabric used as drapery.

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Most of the time, they are covered by the drape fabric and that’s why we never happen to notice the Curtain Brackets Manufacturers at a glance. Similarly, we often devote less time and efforts while buying the curtain brackets as their visibility index is almost zero. But this is a myth. By carefully choosing the appropriate curtain brackets, a homeowner can create a more organized design in which all the elements of the room match one another.

There are generally four kinds of curtain brackets available. There comes a combo pack with the poles (used to hang the panels), panels and mounting hardware. These are ready-to-mound structures which can be mounted on the wall. If the drape fabric tends to be heavy, the supports may need to be fixed into the wall stud to offer maximum support.

While there is a trend to two layered curtains with outer curtains as a sheer layer and inner one as an opaque supporting layer, the weight inclined on the rods becomes heavy. To facilitate this, sometimes, two rods are screwed to distribute the weight. Popular curtain brackets are available in wood, metal, and plastic that can be chosen with a finish to complement any decor.

Another kind of curtain bracket is used for return rods. The brackets are sewed and fixed into the fabric itself. Mostly made of metal, such curtains brackets are ‘U’ shaped and add a unique appeal to any window frame. Such brackets give neat appearance to the frame as they support the protrudes from the wall and slide up into the rod, barely visible.

If you wish to give a modern, contemporary look to your home, you must prefer to choose to hang your window treatments from the ceiling. In this setting, a metal plate is screwed on the ceiling and the hooks or rails are suspended from there. Some decorators exhibited an idea to fit several rows of hooks or poles and layer the drapes to achieve variety of looks. One more benefit about this type is that they can make a room seem like it has higher ceilings than it does. Because the drapes are hung so high, it elongates the height of a window, creating the illusion of increased height.

Curtain bracket hardware comes in many materials and colors. By choosing curtain hardware that harmonizes the room and the window treatments, homeowners can create a more interconnected look for their rooms.

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